Saturday, November 1, 2008

First Things......

Hello all from the Cole family.  Let me get the disclaimer in early (its a misfits thing).  We were a bit more excited about getting these pics than taking these pics, so forgive us that they are as blurry as they are.

That being said.  I just wanted to give a comment on the idea of first things.  We are reminded in Scriptures that the first born and the first fruits are important to the Lord in a show of true adoration, worship and trust.  But I discovered recently just how valuable those "firsts" are.  We have been given the joy of Maebri's first smiles and they are absolutely wonderful.  I just wanted to share, and again sorry for the blurry pics, but even perfect pics would have come up short for the experience of this beauty....

Grace and Peace

The Coles


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