Monday, October 6, 2008

The New Life...

Well, Everyone said that once the baby arrived everything would change.  Loss of sleep, diapers, time constraints and the like...  however, from the tone of voice I was really lead to believe that these were bad things.  Well, just wanted to give and update.  We are 16 days in and there is a significant change in sleep schedule, there are diapers to be changed galore, there are time constraints and changes, and man has it been awesome.  Kara is doing great and is looking forward to that 6 week date when she is freed up to be more active, although to see her now you would be surprised there are any limits for her.  Maebri is doing great as well.  We go back to the Pediatrician this week but we are sure that she is well over 8.5 lbs now and receiving blankets are now too small for swaddling her. Newborn clothes got one wear and now they too are dismissed for the 0-3 month range of clothing.

I also want to pass along a praise and a word of thanksgiving.  Thank each of you for your prayers.  As we look back over 2008 we realize that the Lord has been working in our lives in so many ways.  While there are always challenges in the job for Kara and in the ministry for all of us, we have been blessed with a pregnancy, a delivery and a baby that every doctor along the way has simply described as "perfect."  So there is Maebri's expectation in life, huh?  So with that being said, thanks to you all for your prayers, and thanks and glory be to God for his tender mercy and love.

That's all from the Cole's abode for now. 

Grace and Peace

Matthew, Kara, & Maebri



At Wed Oct 08, 05:33:00 PM EDT , Blogger Shannon said...

I just cannot get over all that hair!!!!!!

Of course she's perfect!


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